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Bee2Bee Indiegogo Campaign

Posted by on Mar 19th 2016

I'm pleased to announce the launch of Bee2Bee's Indiegogo Campaign! Bees are arriving next month and we're ready to place them all over the Houston area.

Take a look at our Indiegogo campaign and share it with friends, family and coworkers who may be interested. We're offering cool perks such as bee merch, bee-friendly seedlings, beekeeping classes and specials on hosting hives on your property. If you aren't ready to keep bees, you can sponsor a hive and receive updates on how they are doing (and get some honey!). You even have a chance to name a queen bee.

Please share this with family, friends or anyone who may be interested! The link to share is:  bit.ly/bee2bee

Bee2Bee's Launch

In a few hours, this website will finally launch.  This is my first business.  I feel like a virgin queen bee emerging from her cell. A bee who has been fed royal jelly and has her own attendants. She is part of a working, thriving beehive, all working together for success. This is me piping, saying I've arrived!  First, [...]

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