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Beekeeping Services

Backyard & Business Beekeeping Service

Would you like to keep bees in Houston? Get hands-on beekeeping experience through your first honey harvest. Bee2Bee Honey Collective offers beekeeping services to the Houston metro area for individual homeowners and commercial properties. 


Our Beekeeping Serviceshouston beekeeping service

A beekeeping service is where a beekeeper installs and maintains the beehives on your property, whether that is residential, commercial or farm property.

Our beekeeping service is different than the ones you'll encounter in other cities. Because of our B2B agency background, where data reigns supreme, we'll be providing each of our clients with a report that includes specific statistics on how the hive is doing. 

Through a hive hosting collective, the goal for Bee2Bee is to place beehives in backyards, rooftops and on businesses throughout Houston metro area. Those who sign up for the service would work with an experienced beekeeper to set up a beehive, install bees and have a stress-free learning experience through that tricky first year and honey harvest. Our goal is to create new beekeepers, so the beekeeper will coordinate with the hive owner for hands-on beekeeping lessons.

The Be a Keeper Program

Before we start the program, we have to ensure that you are a good candidate for the program. We will preform an onsite consultation, view your property and confirm a location for beehives. We will also discuss your beekeeping goals and desire to become a beekeeper.


Good candidates will: 

  • own the property

  • make a commitment to learn beekeeping

  • have adequate space and sunshine for a beeyard

  • be secure (hidden or fenced)

  • have an available water source

  • not own a bee-curious dog

  • not have a life-threatening allergy*


Common Questions

Q: Is beekeeping even legal where I live? 
A: Beekeeping is legal in Houston. It is possible that your local HOA has restrictions, but most are encouraging. 

Q: Will I own the bees, beehives and honey? 
A: The bees and the beehive(s) will be your property. Bee2Bee will take a portion of the honey/wax from the hive, which will be negotiated on a per client basis. 

Q: Is there a fee?
A: Yes. Bee2Bee will charge a monthly maintenance fee. The fee is dependent on your location, number of hives and beekeeping goals. Please contact us for a quote. 

Q: Is beekeeping dangerous? What if someone gets stung/is allergic? 
A: It is always important to keep safety in mind when having beehive(s) on your property. Each property will require to have an Epi-pen (both adult and child dosage).
*A very small percentage (less than 1%) of the population has a life-threatening allergy. Bees will generally not be flying around the property, most will be flying overhead. Nevertheless, the hive will be covered by a liabilty policy. 

Q: Can I learn beekeeping? 
A: Yes! The goal of the be a keeper program is to guide you through the first honey harvest and give you the option to take over hive maintenance at that time. Bee2Bee will continue to be available on a consulting basis.

Q: What if I move or decide that I no longer would like to keep bees? 
A: Although we would love if all the beehives stayed in the same places forever, we understand that life happens. We can either buy back the beehives or relocate them for a fee. It's something that can be worked out. 

Q: What if my bees die? 
A: It's always a possibility. Depending on the season, we can get you going again with new bees, but if not, we would have to pause services. We will have a detailed contract with these types of situations covered. 

Q: Will I qualify for a homestead tax exemption? 
A: It's possible, but unfortunately complicated. Harris Country requires that an apiary can qualify for a homestead exemption if 1) it is on no less than 5 acres and no more than 20 acres of land and 2) if it has proof that it has been "agricultural land" for 5 of the last 7 years. A bit of a stretch for most people, especially in the city. 

Have more questions? Contact us! Please put your location in the details box or we will not respond. We are currently only serving the Houston metro area - if you are outside the beltway, you'll need to find another provider. 


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